“Money is to be respected; one of the worst things you can do is handle another person’s money without having respect for how hard it was to earn.”

-T. Boone Pickens

​High-Touch, High Impact Financial Planning, Wealth Management, ​and Investment Services.​

Hudson Companies and Christopher Conover are a New York based team of fee only, SEC registered investment advisors offering cutting edge institutional quality financial advice to high net worth individuals and families. ​We put our Clients financial interest before our own.



Financial and Retirement Planning, Wealth Management & Investment Services

We understand your financial goals and believe that each and every investor is entitled to high quality, institutional style advice. We customize our retirement and financial planning process and use efficient investment products to deliver returns and measured risk.


Hudson Private

As an alternative to more traditional investments, we proudly feature a proprietary, high impact investment opportunity in funding independent and large studio films.



Capital and Unique Investment Opportunities

We provide you exclusive access to extremely attractive, early stage investment opportunitiesacross film, music, real estate, eGaming, technology, and more.

Financial Planning Services

Hudson Companies, based in Rockland County, NY, provides comprehensive financial planning services. We have an expert team of financial planners. Our team of financial advisors work with you to define your financial goals, develop realistic saving plans and track your investment activities. Further, our planning services will take into account various aspects of your life including retirement timelines, educational expenses, insurance premiums, current debt levels and other types of assets.

Retirement Planning Experts

Our team of retirement planning professionals serve many clients throughout New York State and the tri-state area. The key to reaching your retirement goals is developing an individualized plan that works for your unique financial situation. Our retirement planners focus on keeping your hard-earn assets growing over time. This way, you can live without a paycheck in the future. Talk to our experts about your social security options, IRA account withdrawals, and potential after-tax assets to meet your long term financial objectives.

Wealth Management Firm

At our core, we know that your wealth management advisor can have the largest impact on your future and the future of your family. We make every decision with your best interest in mind, earning the trust of our clients with proven performance, dedicated service and valuable investment advice. Compared to wealth management firms in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen counties, we differentiate ourselves with progressive thinking and special relationships with each client we work with.

Registered Investment Advisors

Hudson Companies is an SEC Independent Registered Investment Advior (RIA) who is qualified to provide investment advice and financial advisory services. We work with our clients to build a customized portfolio to grow your wealth using a mix of traditional and alternative asset allocation strategies. As a fee only investment advisory in NY, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. See how our customized portfolio management advisors can help you with your private investements.